The little witch Curadina from the Alpe di Siusi in the Dolomites

The little witch „Curadina“

A story from Saltria on the Alpe di Siusi

All started long time ago…

…at a time in there noble governors of the castle and intrepid knights governed the whole country. The inhabitants of the Alpe di Siusi, all farmers, managed the precious country, brought daily the cattle on the pasture and met every Sunday in the church.
Everything was in order: the farmers women carried about the household and the men slaved diligently on the fields. They told many shower stories about the bad witches from the “Sciliar”, some became even witnesses their misdeeds.

The inhabitants also meant to know that in every big full moon, the first full moon of the summer, the big meeting all witches from the “Sicliar” at the “Plattkofel” took place. Some courageous succeeded at one of these nights even to reach under the “Plattkofel”, covered from black clouds and from flashes. They saw the witches dancing around a blazing fire and around stones carved with mysterious signs. At the dark night they shouted also loudly witch's stories.
The upper witch sat on a mighty rock and looked with a crafty and from prejoy stamped look from the top down to the witches.

On Thursdays they all came together at the highest point of the “Sciliar”. There they celebrated, danced, ate, shouted and jumped around. The wildest and oldest storms brought the witches about the Alpe di Siusi, Casteltrotto, Siusi, Fiè and surroundings: they sat and conjured up black clouds, with flash and thunder loaded, yellow hail clouds covered the sky. With the witch's broom they flew around, from the “Sicliar” to the “Plattkofel”, to the witch's benches and back on the “Sciliar”. However, above all they met for conversation and exchange of views. Tips for evil or revenge actions were exchanged to each other. At the first sound of the bed bell the whole magic resolved.

Only the little witch Curadina can’t do these habits. She rather sat at home and washed, cleans and cooked for the upper witch. It was very disagreeable to her how the bad witches behaved.

One day Curadina decided to pack her few things and flee from the witch's house. She remembered a small piece of wood and came along on the way there and also soon thought a hiding place where she could spend at least the first night. Days, weeks and months passed. She can’t get enough from the simply forest life. She loved the small rivers, forest clearings and the blooming Alpine grasslands. She explored the whole wood; soon she knew every tree and observed the animals. Only something was uncanny to her: Curadina felt observed from somebody.

A day as she sat once again at the sulphur spring, to bath her tired feet in magic sulphur water, she heard a loud "wuschhh" and beside her stood a big majestic owl. Curadina jumped up and could hardly trust her eyes. The owl apologized to Curadina, because she only wanted to fancy, actually, with her: “Hello Curadina, now I already watch you some time and I am sure: you are really an amusing and good small witch! With pleasure I will show you many great things in the wood.” “With pleasure”, responds Curadina and ran already in the direction of wood.
They became really good friends and together with the wise owl Emma, Curadina could discover many new things in the wood. However, Emma was glad constantly in the mad ideas of the small witch.

Who looks exactly, can see the both maybe in the wood or find different signs of them.

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