The brimstone fountain

In search of legendary marks...

...on a barefoot and adventure path

The idea of this special barefoot trailin free nature is born a few years ago. The wanted to create a walking trail with the intention to bring the people in contact with the nature and her beauty. Experience the nature on this adventure trail and feel comfortable in this sophisticated landscape.

An attraction is the brimstone fountain in the middle of the mystic “Curasoa Bosch” in Saltria with a historical background. The peptic fountain water offers a refreshment for tired walkers and is good for the joints and has medical effects. The brimstone fountain is a natural benchmark, which make part of the barefoot way. Carved figurines, stone monuments, dump landscapes, forest glades and special dowers line the path. Pay attention at the treasures of the area and the habitat of animals and plants.

The way is built for children as an adventure path to experience and comprehend the nature while playing. Coincidental animates this trail adults and families to more attention towards our environment. Use all your senses and feel the power in you, find regeneration, have fun with your loved ones and stock up your energie. A lot of stations on the way animates to pause for a moment. The directly contact to the floor is bracing and refrigerate. The charm to go the way without shoes raises the magic and inspiriting effect of the visitors and sharps the perception. In the back you can listen to the noise of the river and to the sound of the deep forest.

Hans Mitterrutznerwas the ideal partner to create the "Witche's fountain barefoot path”. He is a gifted nature lover and works with material from the natur. He has an eye for the small things and for details so he created with playful elements an esthetic dreams.

A little witch, called “Curadina” with her white owl “Emma” accompanied the little ones on their way. To the little witches story...

The master plan was finished in summer 2011. Now it’s a 2,5 km long trail which guarantees for lots of fun.


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