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Absolute wellness is when body and soul are united in tranquility

Our saunas

After a day out in the nature of the Alpe di Siusi, the 4-star Dolomites Living Hotel Tirler's Curasoa SPA invites you to linger and relax on more than 800 m².

Enjoy the pleasure of the heated sauna with aromatic herbs, Turkish bath, refreshing plunge pool, Kneipp path, and relaxing hours at restrooms. With water levels, stream stones and water mattresses, our oasis of tranquility promises relaxation in a total wellness experience!

New!! The panoramic sauna, which offers a breathtaking view!

Did you know?
The sauna is perfect as a preparation for a massage or a beauty treatment. Find out here your individual treatment at our Curaso SPA!



Pine wood bio sauna

The pine wood bio Sauna is a special experience, perfect for everyone who does not love saunas too hot. The Bio-Sauna with 50-60 ° C and a humidity of 45-55%, is also practicable for people with high blood pressure.

The warm warmth and light aromatic steam of the essences of natural plants, wrap the whole body. The climate of the Sauna has a healing effect on skin and hair.

During the sauna the respiratory tract is purified and stimulated, and the aroma of the pinewood causes a general relaxation, which will accompany you, even after the sauna, body regeneration is increased and the quality of sleep improves.

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath will envelop you with 40-50 ° C and 90% humidity, with the smell of mountain meadows.
The oils of healing plants dissolve in the vapor and are absorbed by the body through the skin and the respiratory tract, where they then develop their healing and healthy effect.

The contractions of the muscles are loosened with heat and steam; General relaxation for body and soul!

Hay sauna

The most special Sauna is definitely the exclusive Hay Sauna. The hay igloo invites with 80-90 ° C and 10-30% moisture to relax.

For the construction, we have used South Tyrolean wood and hand-cut hay from the Alpe di Siusi, with all herbs and flowers, which nature gives us on the meadows.

The hay sauna is accessible from the outside and invites you to relax in a unique setting. Stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and has a detoxifying effect. Pure relaxation for body and soul.

News! Panoramic Sauna!

New in the Curasoa SPA is the panoramic sauna, with a breathtaking view on the Alp! Enjoy a temperature of 85-90 ° C and 10-30% moisture and watch the nature to relax your soul!
The panoramic sauna is a combination of pine wood, glass and dolomite stones.

The regulated moisture of the sauna has a detoxifying effect, decreases the risk of allergies and chronic and skin diseases.

Daily sauna infusion with herbs and natural essences assists the detoxifying effect and cures skin and respiratory tract. Stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system, and all this with a wonderful view!
In addition, the perfume of the pinewood causes a general relaxation, which will accompany you even after the sauna, body regeneration is increased and the quality of sleep improved.

Outdoor Whirlpool Jacuzzi

Relax while enjoying a bath in the open-air jacuzzi with a breathtaking view. Lose the everyday stress and pamper yourself with a relaxing and pleasing body massage for body and soul.

The whirlpool is the art of "love himself", and there is no right or wrong time to make this little gift of relaxation. Everyone chooses his time.

A massage reduces stress and fear, improves sleep quality and increases concentration.

Energy cave or rest room with a view to the silent forest.

Relaxation after the Sauna in the energy cave with water level, stream stones and water mattresses. Alternatively, rest on the loungers hanging in the restroom, enjoying the view to the silent forest.


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