Tirler - Dolomites Living Hotel - Alpe di Siusi - Italy

Energy from the Dolomites!

Tirler Energy-Spa “Curasoa”

Where you “feel like a newly born” -
experiencing nature at our energy area!

Experiencing the nature from the very beginning – very closely, deeply, relaxingly, with inner freedom, in order to gain a new vision. This is what we created for you – in the middle of the unique nature of the Alpe di Siusi, with spaces as if they had been created naturally: appropriate – authentic – pure – efficient – sustainable and attentive.
We are therefore committed to host and give you the opportunity to experience our inimitable nature, our energy areas and our joy.
Let yourself get involved: sensing, feeling and experiencing - we will give you the feeling “to be newly born”.

…at the Tirler Energy Spa Curasoa – Your home on the Alpe di Siusi, experiencing the silence, nature and energy place very closely and feeling like “a newly born”!

What we create this with

Exclusively available in the Energy Spa CurasoaTirler Nature Care:
Like everything else in "Tirler", the exclusively developed care line has also been conceived with great care and the use of regional natural products. The products have been especially developed for us and are just like the nature at Alpe di Siusi.
Powerful, strong, effective, timeless, pure, full of care and highly sensitive. Our treatments will change you, let you experience deep relaxation and provide you with vitality and gleam. A care line, which will provide a deep connection to the region, will provide you with power, pleasure and relaxation, has been developed on the basis of regional ingredients, with Tirler energy source water, pine, arnica oil and quartzite from South Tyrol.

Facial treatments

Tirler Mountain Joy – Facial treatment with herbal stamp massage
…a facial treatment of joy, complete and intensive. We spoil your skin with our Curasoa products in a very individual way. The warm alpine herbal stamps and an intensive facial massage provide deep relaxation for your skin and maximum efficiency of the powerful active agents. You will find inner peace and deep relaxation; a treatment with deep effect and natural pleasures of a special variety.

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   €  79.80 
                                approx. 80 min.   € 107.80

Visual highlight – Facial treatment
…for demanding skin. Altitude, weather conditions, stress or simply the need for recreation can be seen in the face, the mimics and the skin texture. With our "Visual highlight" your skin can regain balance – from both the inside and outside. Energy and visible balance and gleam will be the result of this visual highlight.

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   €  89.00
                                approx. 80 min.   € 118.00

Mountain Hero - Vital facial treatment for men
A highlight for men – be it a nature boy, a mountain hero or a connoisseur – this treatment will provide your skin with vitality, recreation, freshness and new energy!

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   € 79.80

Solid hands - Manicure
Natural active agents make it possible - manicure as an integral experience with bath, peeling, pack, nail care and varnish of your choice for your hands. Final massage all the way to the elbows and natural active agents of the Dolomites make your hands simply beautiful!

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   € 70.00

Climbing feet - Pedicure
Reach the next summit – is why your feet call for after "Climbing feet"! After a mineral foot bath with foot peeling, careful pedicure, pack (varnish of your choice) and final massage to the calves, your feet will be fit again. A highlight for your feet!

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   € 70.00

Curasoa Beauty Enhancer:
Plucking of eyebrows                              € 20.00
Colouring of eyelashes and eyebrows
(Single treatment)                                   € 28.00
Wax upper lip                                         € 18.00
Wax up to knee                                      € 40.00
Wax full leg                                            € 60.00
Wax bikini and underarm                         € 40.00
Complete Wax
(bikini, underarm and 1/2 leg)                  € 65.00

Body treatments

Unwrapped – Curasoa full-body peeling
Free, pure, fresh and full of urge – this is how a starting day feels at Alpe di Siusi – and your body after the Curasoa body peeling!

Duration of treatment: approx. 20 min.   € 40.00

Exhilaration – Body Pack
Your body pack will be chosen based on your individual needs. Tightening, nutritious, relaxing or balancing after mountain and ski tours... exhilarating for you! - Also ideal in combination with a facial treatment!

Duration of treatment: approx. 20 min.   € 40.00

Alpine freshness – Body peeling & body embalming
The perfect double – body peeling and embalming – body joy with great care effect for him and her!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 55.00

Massages – Highlight for your body

Freedom – Individual massage
All you need to book in advance is your preferred time; the focus and type of massage will be tuned to your personal needs in cooperation with the masseur. Our Curasoa pine and arnica oil supports maximum effectiveness for the freedom of your body!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 40.00
                                approx. 50 min.   € 70.00

Curasoa ritual
Herbs, the power of stones, mystic and ancient nature science have been combined in the unique massage combination "Curasoa ritual". Quartzite as a massage medium, the power of herbs and natural oils for highly effective massage oils, heat and therapeutic knowledge will provide your body with a feeling of joy. An individual and authentic nature experience for your body – unique!

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   €  80.00
                                approx. 70 min.   € 103.00

Hot climber - Intensive sports massage
Muscle tensions, overstrain or more vitality for your muscles – our sports massage in combination with our special oils make you fit and ready, and relaxes your muscles. Ideal for all active guests!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 40.00
                                approx. 50 min.   € 73.00

Euphoria – Head-shoulder-neck massage
Freedom for your head, shoulder and neck. The aim of this massage is to loosen tension. You can leave tension and hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you with ease. Ideal also in case of initial adaption problems at high altitudes – after this massage you will be free of complaints and cares. A very special and euphoric experience!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 53.00

Herbal cult – Full-body herbal stamps massage
The power of pure alpine herbs combined with a massage technique to create inner and outer harmony. The extraordinary treatment is based on stretching, pressure and heat. The herbal stamps are filled with herbs, spices and care agents, which are not only highly effective, but also contribute to the relaxation of muscles and body and provide the skin with agreeable nutrients! A cult treatment for athletes, connoisseurs and those looking for relaxation!

Duration of treatment: approx. 50 min.   € 74.00

Hot pleasure – Aromatic candle massage
Relaxation with all the senses – this is what this body pleasure could be called. Various pure ethereal oils and extracts directly influence your wellbeing. Depending on your needs you can be activated, calmed or harmonised; a pure herbal and aromatic pleasure with the highest recreation value!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 42.00
                                approx. 50 min.   € 74.00

Honey Massage
The stimulating full body honey massage combines revitalizing and calming techniques to create a harmonious balance. Comfortable heat with honey-scented, nourishing beeswax pack creates a special pleasant relaxation, while the sticky honey massage promotes the blood circulation and releases through the detoxifying effects the muscle tensions. The final glory is the Milk-Honey face mask.

Duration of treatment: 50 min.   € 108.80



Witch Curadina recommends to our little guests

Marmot Massage

Touched, caressed and massaged, is food for the child. The food that is just as important as minerals, vitamins and proteins. The massage for children provides a wonderful opportunity to strength the bond between parents and child, and to acquire greater confidence in dealing with the child.

Massage with 

• Ideal for an age until 10 years
• Only feasible in the presence of a parent.
• In addition, you can also learn massage movements for home.

Duration of treatment: 15-20 min.   € 40.00

Curadina's Manicure
with pampering hand bath, nail file, hand massage and for the girls varnish.

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 39.80

Curadina's Pedicure
with pampering foot bath, nail file, foot massage and for the girls varnish.

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 39.80

Curadina's facial treatment for children
A cleansing and relaxing facial treatment with mask followed by a facial massage for Curadina's little friends!

Duration of treatment: approx. 25 min.   € 45.80



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