Tirler Water!

We live the “energy spring water” from the Curasoa wood

Our fresh, pure and basic water from our Curasoa source: the biggest treasure of the Alp!

Exactly this treasure sources about hundred meters over the Tirler – Dolomites Living Hotel; certified from geologist and their reports. The spring water sources directly in the nature park „Schlern – Rosengearten“, belonging to the UNESCO World Natural Heritage. The quality of the water source is examined constantly from the biological labor of the local institute for Nature and Water sources and surprises every time again with his purity!

The basic composition of our water has a purifying effect. The water can absorb many harmful substances and therefore help the body to rid itself of any toxic substances.
Our Tirler-Herb-Water’s contain exactly this spring water with effective elixirs and selected herbs from the Alp.
The enthusiasm for the power of the nature and there effects, brought us to the progress of our refreshing Herb waters. 

The Special of the Tirler-Herb-Waters

Tirler-Herb-Waters bring balance in your life!

On the Dolomite rock floor grow a lot of marvellous herbs with special effects and in a plurality of species.
These herbs are collected in the fresh mountain air, by hand, to the right day and night time. They were dried carefully and manufactured with old tradition and knowledge, to hold the active substances.

And the results are our unforgettable Tirler-Herb-Waters, which lead to a total well-being.

For us, water isn’t just water, it is life and enables us to transport energy and oscillations.

Try our energy spring water from our Curasoa wood, enriched from the power of local herbs from the „Pflegerhof“ in Siusi.


The Alchemilla is well-known as a medicinal plant. In the traditional medicine the Alchemilla helped to heal wounds, bleedings, headache, stomachache, abscess and kidney stone.

Especially it helps with his mild effect women against their stomach problems.

Lemon balm

The Lemon balm doesn’t only smell good; it is also a medicinal plant and an often used spice. The Lemon balm isn’t a tropical plant; it grows in every garden and can be hold also as a house plant.

The plant has not just a reassuring effect on the stomach but also an anti-inflammatory and sleeping effect.

Mountain Thymus

The Mountain Thymus is a powerful medicinal plant. It has a pleasant, disinfected and free- phlegm effect by cought and bronchitis.

His relaxing effect is always been known, in additional it is also an optimal spice plant. The Mountain Thymus has roots and grows bushy.

Roman Mint

The Romand Mint has a refreshing effect and gives strength to the body, when he became in contact with water. The Roman Mint grows in Italy and often along walls


The Rosemary is known as a traditional spice, which is ideal for meat and fish but also for potatoes. It’s a symbol for love and fidelity. In the antic greece the tasty plant was consecrated to the goddess of love Aphrodite. The Rosemaryring promises a fortunate marriage.

As an medicinal plant the Rosemary is known after the middle ages, as a stimulating and restorative remedy. Rosemary has a digestive effect and it helps also by tiredness and listlessness. 

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